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Firefox Sighting: Martha Stewart’s MacBook Air

Martha Stewart’s MacBook Air Running Firefox

The other day, Martha Stewart blogged about her MacBook Air, which seems to have been picked up by a lot of tech blogs. It’s not really news that she’s a Mac user. She’s been seen among many Macs before. She’s got an iPhone too. She does use a HP laptop as well including an HP touch screen in the stable, very appropriate I would say. As she explains:

I also use an HP laptop on a regular basis because I like to be well versed on both platforms and be able to multi-task.

What I did find interesting is that if you look at one of the pictures (you can find a larger one on her blog post), she’s running Firefox. Safari is also running but no windows are visible.

Update [3/22/2007 @ 1:45 AM EST]: Seems Martha updated her blog since I posted this as I didn’t see this before, and added:

Yes, I do love Firefox, great browser! Oh, and I also like the program Picasa to store and organize my photos. The computer I use for that is a Sony VAIO laptop with a 250GB hard drive and a 17″ screen. It also has a built in HDTV tuner and I will try to snap a picture of it soon! Perhaps I will have one of my cats near it.

Could it be she watching her analytics that closely?

Image via The Martha Blog

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Martha has been spotted in the company of Mitchell B. a few times, and Blake R. at least once. I think her radar is pretty active, and she’s been hanging out with Charles Simonyi for a _long_ time.

I think she’s a different phylum of geek.

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