New Java Plugin

There are a few goodies in the new java plugin that will be available for Firefox 3.0 and later that I’m really glad to see:

  • Improved reliability. The JVM running the applet is isolated from the web browser at the operating system level. If something should go wrong while running the applet, or if an uncooperative applet refuses to shut down, the new Java Plug-In detects and handles the error condition gracefully; the web browser is unaffected.
  • Improved user experience. The new Java Plug-In starts applets in the background, so the web browser always remains responsive. Applets appear on the web page as they become ready to run.

A major criticism of java applets has always been their impact on browser performance. This should do a lot to remedy the problem. Another great addition is that you can now use an animated loading gif by using a new image param such as:

<applet archive="large_archive.jar"
          width="300" height="300">
    <!– Use an animated GIF as an indeterminate progress bar
          while the applet is loading –>
    <param name="image" value="animated_gif.gif" />
    <!– Turn off the box border for better blending with the
          surrounding web page –>
    <param name="boxborder" value="false" />
    <!– Center the image in the applet’s area –>
    <param name="centerimage" value="true" />

There’s other great stuff, but these are my personal favorites as they resolve long time gripes. You can find the above plus more in the release notes.

[Hat Tip: Henrik Gemal]

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6 Responses to “New Java Plugin”

  1. glandium says:

    Improved reliability. The JVM running the applet is isolated from the web browser at the operating system level.

    It would be nice if that were true for all plugins

  2. […] to help test it you can get more info and links from posts on Planet Mozilla from Henrik Gemal and Robert Accetura, as well as in the release […]

  3. K. Ralho says:

    64bit plugin, please?

  4. Mark S says:

    Any news on if this will be landing on the Mac ever?
    Henrik’s entry made mention of the major OSes minus the mac.

  5. Robert says:

    Mark S: Mac doesn’t use Sun Java, it uses MRJ from Apple and a plugin specially designed to hook into that. I believe the plugin is bundled from:

  6. Mark S says:

    I suppose then the next question is: Does MRJ suffer the same problems as the old JVM or does it have the advantages windows/linux users will be gaining?
    Will anything change for the mac implementation now that Firefox 3 is doing things differently?

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