1080p For Apple TV

I’ve mentioned the Apple TV a few times before. One reason why I considered it to be mediocre is that it lacked 1080p, which lets face it is the likely future of TV. Seems that’s now changed as of the last software update. Awesome.

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Yes it supports 1080p output. No it does not support playing 1080p movies. It only upscales 720p HD material so it outputs at 1080p on your TV.

Andrew Sheridan: Understood, but you have to start somewhere. I presume no 1080p downloads on iTunes because of bandwidth and performance. This lays the groundwork for it.

There’s always the possibility that the CPU (1GHz Intel) can’t handle decoding 1080p, but nobody knows if it would use pure CPU to decode, or if there’s any other hardware to offload some of that to.

One way to see if it supports 1080p media is to make your own home movie in 1080p using a new 1080p camcorder. Another way is to somehow rip a Blue Ray movie and play it. Another way is to play some quicktime movie trailers which are 1080p.

This from AppleInsider: “Apple TV is essentially a low end Mac with a video card supporting 1280×800 resolution. The existing hardware will never be able to decode or output 1080p video in full native resolution.”


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