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IBM Joins OpenOffice

I guess everyone wants in on the office space. IBM is joining OpenOffice. Not a bad move considering IBM’s general investment in non-Windows based OS’s. IBM seems to have favorite projects when they participate in open source communities. I wonder what specifically IBM is planning to work on. For example IBM’s big interest with Mozilla was XForms. It’s going to be interesting to see what they do. There are many things that they could be interested in.

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Thanks for the link, this will be interesting. OpenOffice is another major XForms implementation, which may be at least somewhat telling. Although I haven’t developed with OOXForms like I have with the Firefox XForms Extension, I can certainly see why IBM is interested in XForms in general. In the office where I work, pretty much everything is a form, often either badly implemented in a spreadsheet or total overkill via some sort of custom program with a database backend. XForms plants flowers in the desert of creating and editing form-centric documents, the heart of most business.

On a side note, when you say “IBM’s big interest with Mozilla WAS XForms” you really mean “IS”, right? I mean, they are still actively driving development of the XForms extension unless you know something I don’t, which is quite possible.

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