iPod touch Is Read Only

According to Gizmodo (boy I’m linking to them a lot lately) the iPod touch doesn’t have an add button for calendar. It runs the same software, so it was most likely just disable to persuade people to get an iPhone. Bluetooth likely removed to keep cost down. As I said yesterday it’s critical to keep that price in range.

Hopefully someone will hack together a fix, or Apple will realize this product is to crippled to be fun. If they didn’t disable features it would have been a PDA killer. Now it’s a tiny overpriced iPod with a big screen.

Engadget has the story as well. Comments are also interesting. It seems lots of people are very disappointed by this.

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Well, we shall see just how disappointed people are.

Really, it’s what iPods are. Read-only that is. My 5th Gen iPod has a calendar, contacts, etc… Yet I can’t make new ones, just sync with my Mac to get the latest updates.

The only thing is, aside from the web browser, what was the point in putting the keyboard in if the device is read-only. Sure, typing in searches will be easier, but really.

It’s probably time to break the mold when it comes to iPods and the iPod Touch. It’s a PDA just waiting to be a PDA. Way better than any I have ever used.

Makes you wonder if Apple isn’t considering the PDA market again. Hmmm

Yes, this was the dealkiller for me, but I just read about a firmware update (1.1.2) that seems to restore this to the iPod touch. Can anyone confirm this?

Of course, if they had offered this in September, I would’ve gone right out and bought one, but now I’m thinking I should hang on and see when a 30GB appears…

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