mozPod 0.2 Status

I have slowly been working on a new mozPod release, it’s just not going very fast, as it’s still a lower priority project. So far, it seems to be pretty well accepted. Here are a few of the changes planned, or already completed:

  • Preliminary Lightning Support
  • Having an LDAP server setup in your Address Book won’t cause the sync to fail
  • Some code cleanup, optimization, and bug fixes

For the record, I will be dropping support for Thunderbird 1.0.x in mozPod 0.2. Most people seem to be upgrading, and it’s just not worth the hassle. Many (or most) seem to have had problems with MozPod and Thunderbird 1.0 anyway.

Yes, development is a little slow, but it’s free (unless you feel like saying thanks), so don’t complain ;-).

Update: It’s out.

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how is work goin on?
i know Lighning is also very relaxed,
but i can´t having my calendar on my iPod

[…] Wanted: Functionality to export my calendar from Sunbird to my iPod whenever I plug it in. MozPod is well on the way to getting it done, but it’d be even cooler if it came inbuilt into Sunbird… maybe. I don’t know if Windows has any standards for detecting when things get plugged in and what sort of hardware/software is on the end of that USB cable, because you don’t want to go adding custom support for every device under the sun.. and how do you tell it to save the file in /Calendars/ hmm, I’m not the expert here. […]

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