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Just a little status update for the curious. I’ve been hacking away at reporter quite a bit lately, after a little break. I discussed my plans a few months ago. My tree now has the ability to send an image of the page I’m reporting to my dev instance of the reporter server. This will make it much easier for us to see what users are trying to tell us.

I’ve also worked on a few of the smaller UI quirks in the client and suggestions given, more will be taken care of before 2.0.

I’ve been spending the bulk of the time on the server, with enhancements (flexible query result table, multiple output formats, next/prev navigation for reports among others), and making it a bit more flexible. For quite a while my dev instance was really buggy, at this point it’s looking pretty good. As soon as I finish with screenshot support, and getting the bugs out of all the stuff that’s been touched, my plans are to make it work better with bugzilla (associate reports with bugzilla bugs). That will make it much easier to go through the data and see what’s acknowledged, and what’s new.

The other big thing I want to do is re-order the query page a bit so that it’s more logically setup and easier to understand if you’ve never used the system before. I’ve got some ideas for grouping. When I get a chance, I’ll make some mock-ups and post them for some feedback. I’ve even been considering a little AJAX to help enhance things a bit in that respect.

One step at a time.

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Jesse: I’ve been debating the exact same thing (or rewording in the dialog itself).

I think the bottom line is some people will never read close enough to tell the difference.

Part of me wants to just assume that’s the way it’s going to be, and the other part of me is looking for a creative way to fix the problem.

Would it be useeful to create a ‘report’ keyword on the same as the ‘bug’ and ‘comment’ keywords (also the one for Talkback, whatever that is)? Then when someone filed a bug about a website they could eassily link to the report about it (or a triager could request that they file a report about it and link to it).

Also, can it be made possible to see what reports I (the user) have already filed? And to be taken to a report after submittiing it?

Oh, and good work 🙂

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