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Nokia 770

After seeing Doug’s post on the new Nokia 770, I totally want one. $350 is a little steep for 3hr battery life, though still extremely cool. Being Mozilla based makes it even cooler.

Checking out Maemo Planet shows some really interesting stuff is going on in the Maemo Platform. There’s already quite a few things ported. I think there is serious potential here. I imagine it’s only a matter of time until Skype ports it’s software to this device as well.

Everything but that price, and the battery life sounds perfect. I think I want one.

As usual Engadget has some pretty pictures.

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Instead of skype, I would like an open source solution based on standards. Maybe OpenWengo?
Now if there’s a way to have a webcam and a micro plugged in a nice way, here’s my new webphone.

The device ships with Opera. There are third-party Minimo/Gecko ports in progress.

I own a 770, and the battery life has not been a problem for me. It lasts at least three hours when I’m browsing constantly, and more when I’m offline or only occasionally surfing around. Also, it lasts for days in “sleep” mode with the cover on, and still wakes up in less than a second.

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