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With the pending release of Firefox 1.5 said to be really soon , I’m getting ready to see what the press has to say, and ultimately the users.

So if you notice any news articles, feel free to leave a comment, or send me an email. I’m especially interested in anything that references the new reporter tool (aka “that broken website thing”). So if you find any of those, be sure to leave a comment or email me.

This really is the fun part of the release cycle. I’ll leave this post with a great quote from this Browser Face-Off Article:

Regardless, just having a choice is a great thing for consumers. Vive la différence.

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Hi Rob,

I wrote an article on describing what SVG is and why its inclusion in Firefox 1.5 is exciting! You can check out the article here:

I’ll be looking into the reporter tool soon! Thanks for the heads up about the Firefox release, I would have missed it if your post hadn’t poped up in my thunderbird RSS feeds.


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