100,000,000 downloads. That’s almost 1/3 of the US population. Here’s another cool stat:

Countries Ranked by Population: 2005
Rank Country                                  Population
   1 China                                 1,306,313,812
   2 India                                 1,080,264,388
   3 United States                           295,734,134
   4 Indonesia                               241,973,879
   5 Brazil                                  186,112,794
   6 Pakistan                                162,419,946
   7 Bangladesh                              144,319,628
   8 Russia                                  143,420,309
   9 Nigeria                                 128,765,768
  10 Japan                                   127,417,244
  11 Mexico                                  106,202,903

That’s right. Only 11 countries in the entire world have a population higher than the download count. And were not to far from just 10 left.

In case anyone else wants to play with the number of the day (hint 100 Mil), leave a comment with a statistic to show how large the number really is. If you can, also cite your statistics. If a few people participate, perhaps I’ll make a little poll so people can vote on what the most impressive way to show 100 Mil is.

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Well, let’s look at the list of countries sorted by area … none come close to 100 Mil square Km. (see here –> )

You can see here, that the land surface is only a bit short of 149 Mil square Km. Firefox should reach that mark around april/may !!!



If each download represents one person, and all those people were to stand in a long line, the line would wrap once around the equator. (If each person takes up a space of 0.4 m, or just over 1 foot.

Every inhabitant of my home town would have had to download Firefox 200 times to equal this figure.

If I were to attempt to make Firefox look better on and use my old dial-up modem to download another three hundred million copies of Firefox, it would take me 3555555 days, or approximately 9741 years.

– Chris

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