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Spyware needs federal regulation

I personally find this trend disturbing. Claria and WhenU are making the case that their adware programs don’t resort to illegal tactics, such as exploiting security holes, to install themselves. And though this software can be annoying, adware developers argue that merely being listed in an anti-spyware scanner’s database tarnishes a company’s reputation by linking […]

Summer of Code

Google just launched their “Summer of Code“. To bad the Mozilla Foundation isn’t participating, I would have joined in if it was. Would have been a good chance to get some extra cash while enhancing the reporter tool, and perhaps taking on another project. I’m suprised considering GoogleFox ;-). Perhaps they’ll join. Anyway, really cool […]

Browsers and Security

This is a rather interesting short article on users perception of security as it relates to the choices in internet browsers conducted by Opera. More proof that more work is needed. That statistic proves the “firefox has reached it’s maximum penetration” people wrong. 49% don’t even know browsers have an impact on their security. That […]

Small weeners explained

If your mother looked like a pregant hooker, your likely to have a small weener. Or at least that’s what a new study [sell your soul registration] concludes. Baby boys are far more likely to have smaller, less developed genitals if their mothers had high levels of chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, detergents, medicines and […]

XBox OS Revealed

Earlier this week it seemed Apple could switch to Intel. Now apparantly Microsoft has ported at least part of their kernel to the PowerPC architecture. A Windows 2000 derivative ported to the PowerPC architecture. This stuff must really hurt Billy Gates.

AIM Triton Take 2

I reviewed the first release a few weeks ago, so here’s a followup. The Good New ad format is rather nice having it in the window (and scrolls away), much less intrusive. Provided no flash or java ads are used (slow for scrolling, and sound). Address Book feature isn’t all over the place anymore. I, […]

Quote of the Week

See, in my line of work you got to keep repeating things over and over and over again for the truth to sink in, to kind of catapult the propaganda. (Applause.) – George W. Bush [Source] emphasis mine. That pretty much sums it up rather well. I guess honesty does occasionally show it’s face. [Hat […]

Homeland Security Enforcing Copyright law?

I do believe in copyright law. We are in the information age. A good majority of us have jobs because of copyright. When you add up how many people’s business makes money off of copyrights (every company who ever sold software, music, books, or any other work), you hit a very large percentage of Americans. […]

Rebate Fraud

This seems to happen all to often, it’s rare you don’t get scammed with “rebates”. Samsung offered $50 rebate on certain LCD displays purchased between March 1, and April 30 2005. Mail in the rebate by May 31, 2005 with the UPC, receipt, etc. and you’ll collect. Sent on 4/29 (according to Samsung). Card in […]

New Report Broken Website Tool is Live

“Give me your misrendered, your unsupported,Your huddled bad websites yearning to breathe free,The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.Send these, the broken websites, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” The production instance of the reporter tool is now running. All reports submitted from about 9:46 PM EST (-5 GMT) now […]