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Homeland Security Enforcing Copyright law?

I do believe in copyright law. We are in the information age. A good majority of us have jobs because of copyright. When you add up how many people’s business makes money off of copyrights (every company who ever sold software, music, books, or any other work), you hit a very large percentage of Americans. That’s the definition of the Information Age. A good 75% of Americans by most conservative stats are in the service sector. Just about all those would be out of business if copyrights and patents didn’t exist. I know and respect that.

But is this really the job of Homeland Security to enforce copyright laws? Why isn’t this being handled by some other arm of the Justice Department? Is some 19 year old downloading Star Wars really a threat to national security? Did this bust result in lowering the national terror alert level?

I’m really curious if the Patriot Act was invoked to help protect America from harm on this one. đŸ™„

Now when creating DHS, why didn’t they branch these crimes so that the Dept. of Justice handles them? That would be a bit more appropriate than invoking “National Security” resources for such an effort. People get angry when security analysts say the US is no safer today than it was in 2001. I’ve got a good guess why. Homeland Security is protecting StarWars rather than our country.

Any terror attack in the next 4 years should result in the immediate life sentence with no possibility of parole for anyone involved in that bust. For wasting DHS resources that could have been used for homeland protection. Judge, and sentence for life within 24 hours. There’s nothing to debate.

Absolute morons. They tell us to keep duct tape and plastic around in case of a biological attack. Then decide it’s more important to go after kids downloading StarWars.

If any congressman had a brain, they would move to open an investigation into why Homeland Security is involved in copyright enforcement, and why they are moving faster on that, then national security. Only a couple days to move in there. Yet were still not sure who was sent Anthrax in the mail. Priorities.

Martha Stewart went to jail because she was a threat to society. StarWars being leaked on the net is a threat to national security. Anthrax? Not such a big problem.

Can’t wait until the National Guard gets deployed because a child shoplifts a candy bar. Just hope it’s an American citizen or we may declare war on their country of origin.

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WHO’s watching the border when our DHS is engaged in enforcing copyright laws but permits felons to enter our country illegally.

Disgusting waste of resources !

According to the article, the raids were conducted by FBI and Customs agents. Customs is one of the many departments that were folded into Homeland Security.

If the torrents were accessible from outside the US, you could make a case for them being export violations, which would put them under Customs’ jurisdiction.

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