Browsers and Security

This is a rather interesting short article on users perception of security as it relates to the choices in internet browsers conducted by Opera.

More proof that more work is needed. That statistic proves the “firefox has reached it’s maximum penetration” people wrong. 49% don’t even know browsers have an impact on their security. That means they obviously didn’t hear of the reasons to switch to Firefox. Security has been a #1 reason.

Oh yea, we broke 60,000,000 (60 Million for the number dyslexic).

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I want to agree with you, but I can’t. An installation of Windows XP SP2 will, without any user intervention, automatically download and install updates for IE. It will then nag the user to reboot until he/she does.

The default install of Firefox, upon realizing that an update is available, will show a tiny circle with an upwards pointing arrow. The user must then click on the arrow and install the update herself. can release patches as quickly as it wants, but smart users will only be up-to-date at their convenience, and stupid users will never be up-to-date at all. For this reason I still hesitate as I install Firefox on the computers of clients.


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