mozPod Status Update

I’ve promised mozPod for some time, well it’s getting close to a 0.1 release, just a few more things I want to do. Some cool things in the past few days:

  • Supports most fields, so you’ll get lots of info on your iPod. iPod doesn’t support everything Mozilla does, so we can’t get it all, but we do a great job anyway.
  • Sync isn’t complete, but it’s not bad, pretty quick for most reasonable Address Books
  • Should feature an exclusive Asa Dotzler sync icon (or so he promised). I had the option of using an unpublished Picasso, but I declined instead choosing a Dotzler.

It’s not done yet, but were starting to look usable, and that’s a good thing πŸ˜€

Update [12-26-2005]: It’s out, and available here.

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