IDN Security Hole

An interesting observation regarding yesterday’s security bug. I did this using 1.0+.

Here’s what it looks like when the exploit is presented:
Exploit: example

Now look at the title bar when you “view source”:
Exploit: view Source

Is this a temporary way to validate the authenticity of the website?
I have no clue. I’m just reporting my observations.

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3 Responses to “IDN Security Hole”

  1. Jens Bannmann says:

    OT: What’s this “bug document” icon on your toolbar, between home button and location bar?

  2. jmdesp says:

    Yes, the view source window does not decode the punycode in the title, there’s a bug entry in bugzilla about this already.

    It’s bug 250103 :

  3. Antony Shen says:

    Following JavaScript Bookmarklet can be used to detect IDN Spoofing.

    javascript:alert(%22The real URL is: %22 + location.protocol + %22//%22 + location.hostname + %22/%22 + %22\nThe address URL is: %22 + location.href + %22\n%22 + %22If the server names do not match, this may be a spoof.%22);

    It works well for our beloved Safari.

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