Why use mozilla?

Well, here’s a quick analysis from #mozillazine this afternoon, the few minutes I had free.

* Robert just read on slashdot that Mozilla can cure and prevent AIDS and cancer
* Robert also saw the other day it feeds hungry children and keeps michael jackson away from children
[Asa] Our new slogan should be, “Using Mozilla and Firefox will make Asa happy — and who doesn’t want to make Asa happy?”
*Robert read on CNET that Janet jackson’s Wardrobe malfunction doesn’t happen with Mozilla, and Stevie Wonder’s eyes work properly in Mozilla
* Robert thinks Janet Jacksons wardrobe malfunction was something funny with JavaScript
[Asa] Robert: actually, mozilla users would expect janet jackson’s wardrobe malfunction to happen to everyone 🙂
*Robert hopes Asa is wrong… lots of ugly people around

It’s nice being productive.

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