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Mozilla Security Hole: Household Emergent Behavior Vulnerability

I sent the following to the security list at 4:02 PM EST. I rate it a “critical” security vulnerability due to the harm it can inflict. This vulnerability is found in all Mozilla products to date (including nightlies). Overview Apparently Firefox has been making sexual advances towards Roomba’s (as seen on slashdot 02/05/2005), causing them […]

Busy Week or Two Ahead

I’m going to be rather involved with school, so I’m not sure I’ll be posting to much, or accomplishing to much in the next week or two. Apparently I have Thursday off, so that should make a 4 day weekend, and make my life much easier. So hopefully I can gain the upper hand by […]

It’s time for an international standard on Instant Messaging

Well, actually it’s well past time. Instant Messaging has all the earmarks to be the communications of the future, and it royally stinks. Problems today: Networks don’t communicate together, hence locking users in (MSN, AIM, Yahoo!) Phones don’t Text Message (same as IM essentially) across networks. Barely from net to phone. Each has proprietary ‘extras’ […]

Why use mozilla?

Well, here’s a quick analysis from #mozillazine this afternoon, the few minutes I had free. * Robert just read on slashdot that Mozilla can cure and prevent AIDS and cancer * Robert also saw the other day it feeds hungry children and keeps michael jackson away from children [Asa] Our new slogan should be, “Using […]

IRC blocked

My school has been blocking port 6667 because of some virus, prohibiting me from getting on IRC for the past few months. Much to my dismay. My question of the day: Can you get me (legally) on IRC? Comments/Email Welcome. I’ve been wanting to spend some more time on #mozilla. But this has been blocking […]


Bugday is coming very soon. Sadly IRC is blocked here because of what Info Sys. says is a virus plaguing the network. So I’m a no go. Enjoy and good luck to all. Hopefully I can manage to get on the action some way or another.