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Tis very sad

Teen in Suicide Leap at Time Sq. Hotel, (Other linkage: NY Times, Newsday, NY Daily News) not exactly a pleasant headline to read. Worse, when you hear it’s someone you knew back in the day from school(s), and read their name in print.

I remember reading a while back when someone else did the same thing. That hotel is amazing on the inside. Very unique. Never considered that someone would view the architecture as a method to end their lives, but apparently, this isn’t the first time.

Very sad, and right before the holidays. Nobody should end up like Vincent DePeralta.

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THis is very sad, this kid went to my school. And it efficted everyone, even teachers. This is a very sad time and everyday we will mourn his death. RIP Vince

I didnt no vince to well but he went to my elementary school. I was in 4th grade when he graduated. I remember him being so friendly. It’s hard to believe someone with so much energy and friendliness would take their life.

I was a guest at the hotel when this happened… After walking around Times Square, I saw the ambulances and fire department pull up in front of the hotel, and figured sonmeone had a heart attack or someting.

After going in and upstairs later, and seeing the police tape and such and the guests looking down at what happened and explainign everything it became clear.

Not a pretty site…

I was there that night. A friend and i went to have an after theater drink at the bar. As we were leaving we heard this enormous boom. It was like a canon ball was fired. The hundreds of people milling, noisily, about the lobby came to a unanimous still hush.
My first thought was terrorism. Then some woman pointed toward the bar. There was a huge smoking bite taken out of the upper left corner. Someone else yelled, ‘There’s a shoe’
And we all raced to the railings to look down at the sneaker on the floor below. Then, finally, screams of horror as the form of a body was revealed waged between the bar and the railing.
We were stunned.

Me and vince were really good friends and he was the most original kid i knew he always seemed happy and teached me how to enjoy life i feel sorry he had so mcuh pain inside that would wanna make him do this.RIP Vince i miss u everyday

I was a friend of vince’s, i to this day a year later think asbout hiom everday… the memories i have of him are noithing i would ever trade. he was so funny and easy to talk to and sweet. Ill miss him so much. I LOVE You VINCE

Vince was my neighbor’s cousin i spent many weekends and many summers with him. His heart and soul will live on not just on Dec 7th but everyday.

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