Mozilla… did I know what was coming or what?

Well… I figured it out (or ironically ended up on Mozillazine during the brief moment the story was prematurely published). I think Mozilla splitting up into multiple apps is a good thing. Read on to see my hopes for the new Mozilla, and check out Asa’s Blog for some more info.

I like the idea, but may I propose a some food for thought. And please read the entire thing before replying prematurely, as the beginning may sound scary:

Perhaps the best approach would be to take a [breath] Microsoft Office [gasp] approach to Mozilla. Separate the suite into several Apps, Mail&News, Navigator, Composer, Calendar, Chatzilla. Each can be downloaded as a standalone app. Each use the same technologies. If multiple apps are detected, they can work in a somewhat integrated manner. Just like how in Office you can easily move data between apps.

The single apps would be great. I like to keep my mail open all day, so I can check it constantly. So I would have that open all day… But I’m not online all day. I don’t need the Browser going all day. So getting rid of that extra bloat is nice.

A calendar app would be great, lots to integrate with mail&news. I could see notifications, and such.

Overall, the separation could be a good thing. My one hope is that Phoenix gets some more features. It’s pretty plain. While fast, and lean. It reminds me of Mossaic as far as features go. I love my gadgets in Mozilla. Of course they can be added back on. But having to download infinate addons every time I update or reinstall, that could be a real pain.

Perhaps some way to manage addons would be a good idea as well? It would be nice to have some sort of integrated way to manage and install upgrades. Something like the sidebar manager… you can add, remove, find etc. Nice and easy.

And please, since so much is going to be done to restructure it. Can we possibly rework this so that it has an auto-updater

Those are my major concerns.

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