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PHP 5.3.4 Changes rand(), Filled My Error Log, Spikes Load

I ran into a peculiar situation with a PHP web application that went from working for several years without incident to suddenly resulting in timeouts and spiking the load on my server. Some investigation traced it back to a seemingly benign and obscure change to PHP’s rand() implementation between 5.3.3 and 5.3.4. To summarize several […]

Getting A Random Row In MySQL

This is a great page on RAND() in MySQL. Very nice breakdown of how to gain performance with one of the biggest “it should be simple but it isn’t” problems in DBMS’s.

Random Desktop Fun

Interesting question came today, and I thought I would hand code this one. Want to display a random desktop on startup (Windows). I decided on a Free, Open Source, simple, and HTML 4.01 Strict valid. It also has an option to reload on a defined interval, or just when loaded (boot time). It’s released under […]