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The Winner For Most Embedded Is: SQLite

So the format war of Blue-ray vs. HD-DVD is over. There are still several other rather significant battles going on in the tech world right now that aren’t Microsoft vs. Apple or Yahoo vs. Google. For example: Adobe Air vs. Mozilla Prism vs. Microsoft Silverlight Google Gears vs. HTML5 Offline support Android vs. iPhone SDK […]

Getting A Random Row In MySQL

This is a great page on RAND() in MySQL. Very nice breakdown of how to gain performance with one of the biggest “it should be simple but it isn’t” problems in DBMS’s.

Holiday SQL

You’ve got to be somewhat nerdy for this, but if your reading this, you automatically qualify. Perhaps I’ll add to this list when I’m bored. If I have the time. If someone is so inclined, feel free to do so below. Santa’s Present List SELECT fName, lName, street, city, state, zip, country FROM people WHERE […]