Where am I? This blog is empty

I’ve started working for the summer, hence it’s been a strange/busy week, and very silent here.

Things will pick up, it’s starting to get quite interesting around here. Very interesting. [evil laugh /]

Busy is a good thing I guess.

In The News

Lights Out Pt. 2

CNN has a nice little article titled Iraqis’ top 10 tips for enduring blackout in the heat. Definitely worth a read. Funny, yet informative. Suddenly, for about a day, NYC and Iraq could really relate.

Took the day off. Got Korean/Japanese food (good stuff). So it was a surprise 3 day weekend. Hurray! 😀

Interesting that outage may be due to one line.

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In The News

Lights out

Working yesterday… and the power went out. Throughout the IT floor, all I could hear was cursing, and the sound of people slamming their keyboards. Lots of work was lost. Moments later, forced to run down the stairs (evacuate the building) and out the building into the chaos on the streets. Seeing a few people get tapped by speeding cars (didn’t appear to be hurt)… Decided not to step into the streets. Went into the main building, and back upstairs (STAIRS). Got fed by the cafe with “emergency rations (namely Häagen-Dazs iced cream), and hung out. Even found emergency power in the mail room (with plans to use it to watch TV). Then got a car home late last night.

I hope they hang whoever messed up causing us to lose power.

“Time Square without the lights… is just another street.”