Uncrustables, New Layout, and Mail Working Again

First let me get something off my chest. Is it possible that America has gotten so lazy that it can’t make a PB&J sandwich? Do we really need them pre-made? Smuckers obviously thinks so [Link]. Good for them to take advantage of a very lazy generation. But one can’t help to wonder how much weaker society can get. I am the first to admit to being lazy, but this is just insane.

I modified the layout a bit today. Notice the new icons to the right, and the pretty blue header. I promise I will eventually re-work the layout. But for now it will do. I should also note the cool quotes on the top. They should change daily. A nice database full of my favorite quotes.

Last note of the day is that my mail is working properly again. mail(at) was inaccessible for a while, presumably a DNS problem. Over the weekend, Interland moved the servers to their Atlanta data center. No warning, and technical problems don’t look promising to me.