Virgil The Monkey From Project X

Project X Movie PosterSlightly obscure in monkey movie circles is the movie Project X staring Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt. Interestingly enough Virgil the sign language speaking Chimp is actually still alive as of 2011 at a primary sanctuary. He’s aged, and balding, but so are his costars. Twenty-five years later the chimp is apparently still causing trouble with his friends:

Today, Willie, Harry and Okko, all from Twentieth Century Fox, live together in a troop of five energetic male chimpanzees, which includes Chobe and KoKo Michaels. Within this tightly balanced group, Willie’s significant ally is Okko, the leader of the group, although Harry remains a close friend. For years, Okko’s authority was backed by Willie, but in recent months Willie has settled into neutrality.

Two quarreling chimpanzees can stimulate 25 other chimpanzees to scream as they watch every detail of a dispute. The anger-management counselor in Willie’s group is Harry, who will run back and forth trying to settle arguments.

Pretty cool to see they are still taken care of all these years later.

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  1. I had the good fortune of meeting and interacting with Willie, Okko, Chobe and Koko about a month ago at the sanctuary. Sadly, Harry passed away. Okko is still the leader, Chobe is the peacemaker and Willie is somewhat neutral, very reticent to interact with humans but we had some nice l, quiet moments together. The new exec director and her care staff are doing a remarkable job of caring for these magnificent guys– lots of fresh veggies and fruit, plenty of enrichment.

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