Firefox 3.0 Is Out


So the servers had a giant melt down. That’s hopefully history now. It’s out! Go download it. While your at it, spread the word and help break a world record. After all, how many world records have you participated in so far?

  • Awesomebar – Find what you want easier than ever.
  • Malware Protection – Stay safer when browsing the web
  • Native UI Appearance – It looks better than ever.
  • Better Addons/Plugins Manager – Manage plugins with ease, find new addons.
  • Download Manager – Resumable downloads!
  • Smart Bookmarks – Most visited, recently bookmarked, recently tagged.
  • Better Memory Management – Nuff said
  • Powered By Robots Not only are they awesome, they obey the Three Laws of Robotics

See Deb Richardson’s Field Guide to Firefox 3 for more details.

6 replies on “Firefox 3.0 Is Out”

I geting error of “archive XML for update is malformed”?
¿Firefox 3.0 require a full download or update from Fx3RC2?

I don’t care for the Awesomebar. I’ve been with Firefox 3 since the early betas, and, while I can see the value for many surfers out there, it just doesn’t strike the right chord with me.

Why is the Awesomebar so fundamentally tied to Firefox that this feature can’t be disabled?

Do you have an idea why emails were not sent out to notify people who had pledged an early download? I had given them my email to be notified and be an early bird, but am feeling very disappointed to learn about it just now

@Ehsan Shams: I don’t know why you didn’t, but I signed up the same way anyone else did, and I received one. Check your spam folder. It came from admin [at]

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