APNG Support On Trunk

In my habit of checking recent checkins to the trunk, I noticed support for APNG has landed [Bug 257197]. Because it’s based on PNG, APNG can use partial transparency, which can help reduce those jagged looking edges. From what I can tell, for older clients that don’t support APNG it should just show the first frame for backwards compatibility.

Awesome. Looks like the relevant KHTML bug is 88352. I don’t know if that would apply to Safari or not. I can’t find any position from Microsoft regarding support for IE. I hope their support for PNG alpha transparency (prior to IE 7) isn’t any indicator.

Regardless of adoption by browser vendors, it’s still a win for Mozilla, since chrome in the browser and extensions will be able to use APNG rather than GIF or JavaScript and PNG for animations. There is already talk of that.

You can find more on Stuart Parmenter’s blog.

Great stuff for anyone who finds animated GIF’s a bit antique.

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  1. […] Fixed: 257197 – Add APNG support. (pav’s blog entry, Robert Accettura’s blog entry) […]

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