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Now that the Wii Browser is available, I’m really thinking I should check it out. It’s based on Opera. In my mind they needed to have a few things in order for this to not suck:

  • Fairly good HTML/XHTML support – Opera has that
  • Good support for CSS – Opera has that as well, but available for all small-screen versions
  • JavaScript Enabled – Opera has pretty good JS support, but not always available for small devices.
  • Support for Macromedia Flash – Especially with the popularity of YouTube, it’s needed

Apparently it meets these requirements. I really need to check this out. As a web developer, seeing something like this after years of crummy non-PC based browsers could be impressive. Screenshots so far have not disappointed.

4 replies on “Wii Browsing”

“Opera has pretty good JS support, but not always available for small devices.”

Hum, yes it is 🙂

Opera is Opera. It always supports JS because it uses the same engine on all platforms.

ladiiida, last I’ve seen JS wasn’t well (if at all) supported on Blackberry’s among other devices. Opera’s support is good, but only when enabled.

Blackberry? Then you have been using Opera Mini, not Opera. Opera Mini does all processing on a server before a stripped down version is sent to the phone.

But Wii doesn’t use Opera Mini, it uses the regular Opera.

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