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Today I decided to give Parallels Workstation for Windows a try, they have a 15 day trial on their site, so I gave it a go. I’ve heard so many good things about it on Mac OS X for Intel (I don’t have an Intel Mac, so never used it), I figured it was worth a try. I figured it had to be better than Virtual PC (which died when Microsoft bought it, and now free, but ancient and worthless), but could it beat VMWare?

Well, I installed Ubuntu without any incident, and it runs extremely fast. As in, “I don’t care that it’s virtual” fast. The fact that even sound worked was also rather impressive, and unlike VMWare Server (free BTW) there aren’t 15 services running in the background. The only thing I totally didn’t get was the “visually stunning user interface”. I must have missed it. Don’t get me wrong, the interface is minimal, as it should be (since it’s hosting an OS with it’s own massive interface), but it’s still not “stunning”, it’s barely “visual”! Maybe I missed something, I don’t know.

I think I may have to purchase a license at some point. It’s really impressive software. VMWare better figure out a plan, or they may be in trouble.

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I purchased it and it seems to work but haven’t been able to get the bridge ethernet feature working where the VM actually connects to the internet. My main problem is that I’ve left numerous support requests, receive automated message I’ll be contacted with a reply within 3 days and it never happens. Paralles website account for registered users is also fairly lacking in support type informations. Also have yet to find an outside source community for it. Will probably purchase VMware now.

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