MSN “Kahuna” Beta doesn’t work with Firefox

According to CNet:

Downside: Getting used to the new layout may be hard for die-hard fans of Hotmail. Kahuna works with Internet Explorer 5.5 and up, but not with Firefox….

I’m a bit concerned about that, and wonder what Microsoft’s plans are regarding Firefox and other non-IE browsers. Will they be stuck with the old interface and begged to upgrade? Will future beta’s of the new layout be fixed so they work with other browsers? It’s clearly possible as Google has done it.

If anyone at Microsoft wants to clarify the plans for other browsers, I’d of course welcome that dialog.

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The real question is not “why doesn’t it work in other browsers?”, it’s “why arn’t you already programming in standards, non table layout and CSS?”. Hotmail gets mega bandwidth, a CSS / non-table version would save thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of bucks a year.

Apparently, Microsoft developers said, in a video posted on MSDN’s Channel 9, that their target was MSIE 5.5 only.

I didn’t have the opportunity to check that out, but I wouldn’t be surprised.

That comment is obviously being misinterpreted. “The customer will have to be using IE 5.5” is MS-speak for “it won’t work on IE 5”, not “it won’t work on anything except IE 5.5”.

– Chris

If it’s anything like OWA, they will provide a “dumbed down” version of the page to non-IE browsers. This version will work for basic functionality, but for some inexplicable reason, certain features will be missing (it’s possible to copy email from one folder to another in firefox, but not move it?? Come on now.)

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