Someone should have used Firefox and Norton AntiVirus

A heck of a lot cheaper than this. Norton AntiVirus 2005 ($22.99 at time of writing), and Firefox (Free, forever) are not nearly as expensive as that phone bill.

It’s not hard to avoid that situation. It really isn’t. An 8 year old can do it.

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Norton?? Bwahaha don’t make me laugh. It’s as good as IE is for catching viruses. For one it doesn’t fix Blaster32, you have to download a patch tool from their website in the two minutes before your machine shuts down. This software is a joke, at best. >:[

It really would help if all these articles about malware would actually mention firefox, you can be pretty sure that most of the people in these articles have not heard of Firefox

My phone company (ntl, a UK cable company) limit the amount of outgoing calls you can make to a figure you choose (I think the default is about £200 of phone calls and pay per view TV events). If other companies would follow their lead it would help prevent things like this from getting out of hand.

I really don’t see how FireFox would have helped in this case. Most of the times that this happens, someone downloads an adult oriented program of some sort (Which they mention in the program) and run it. Firefox still allows people to download and run programs as far as I know.

It’s not a virus which installs automatically. It’s a trojan which the user inadvertantly installs themselves.

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