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America’s Most Eligible Bachelor

According to this I’m potentially America’s Most Eligible Bachelor. I’m as nerdy as it gets. I’m writing this while taking a break from something that I was really enjoying: debugging a web app! Can you get any more nerdy?

Apparently that article hasn’t quite gotten around yet. πŸ˜‰

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your not a nerd you shouldn’t think you are either people who say they are “noraml” are the one we really need to worry about because whats the definition of normal i can’t find one well hope you enjoy your day good bye πŸ˜†

Women often look for different things in men, and just as often see male beauty differently from what men think. I’ve frequently been surprised what turns a woman on in a man. For instance, I know I’m good looking because of all the testimonials, which helps me carry myself well, but for the life of me, I cannot see myself as **** or handsome – healthy, inbuilt modesty I guess. Ask a man about a woman, and vice versa.

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