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It’s long been a tradition to name products, revisions, and milestones. We’ve all done it. We all still do it. Sometimes the names are rather boring “Longhorn”, sometimes a bit more creative. Looking at the Firefox roadmap tonight I noticed ben recently updated it so that Deer Park 1.1 alpha is Strippenkaart (Dutch transportation ticket, presumably influenced by the recent Xtech convention) [Google Link | Wikipedia (nl)]. Having spent quite a bit of time in Holland on family vacations (my mothers Dutch), I read it a bit more literally initially, than as a usual product name. Rather strange.

The phrase “Chicken Cutlet” has a rather different meaning in Dutch than in english though.

Project names are fun aren’t they?

And no, I don’t speak Dutch despite all that travel. I’ll recognize a word or two, that’s about it.

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For real. Although the function of a strippenkaart is quite the same: to bring you somewhere (like a browser), I must say I had a good laugh when reading this at the official roadmap ;-).

Creative project names are a must for cutting edge projects.

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