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TortoiseCVS rock!

I’m not really a CVS fan. Yea, it’s a cool thing, and yes, it’s necessary. But could they make more of an effort to make it cumbersome and awkward?

cygwin’s CVS was acting funny, so today I downloaded and tried out TortoiseCVS. It’s for Windows only :-(. To sumarize it, it simply integrates CVS in Windows. So you can navigate the file system, and just right click on a directory or file, and add, commit update, etc. etc.

I gave it a little spin today, and yes, I love it. It’s a keeper.

Oh, and CVSRootChanger also makes life really sweet.

Between the two, CVS is no longer sucky. In fact, it’s amazingly good. It ends up CVS doesn’t really suck, just the clients and no, winCVS is not any better.

I used it earlier to checkin reporter (not in builds yet).

A really spiffy product. Anyone who works with CVS, and hates how CVS works should really check it out. It makes life much easier. I would highly recommend it. It’s a great open source project. Wish they brought that idea to other Operating Systems. If anyone knows of a Linux or Mac OS program that operates with similar integration, let me know in a comment.

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There’s supposed to be an extension for Nautilus (the Gnome file manager) that does similar things, called “nautilus-vcs”.

Hmm, nautilus-vcs sounds like it could be *very* useful. I semi-recently found out about Nautilus’s support for sftp: URLs, and I’ve been enamored with it ever since. It’s far better for transferring many files over SFTP than any of the other alternatives I’ve found.

Unfortunately, nothing will solve the bigger problem: uses CVS. CVS is nice, but it’s missing some pretty big features that make it second-rate for me: patch creation for new files for non-commit accounts, directory versioning, and file renaming versioning. If it supported those I’d probably be fine with it, but these are some pretty big omissions that really make life a hassle sometimes.

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