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Safari’s WebKit is now open

Hyatt made the announcement on his blog. Using bugzilla, and cvs. It says it’s even possible to get checkin access if your a contributor with a proven track record. I didn’t see any lxr like tool for viewing source via the web (very handy), or a list of reviewers. Perhaps that’s still to come, the […]

Mozilla CVS Statistics

Ran some statistics on my cvs tree after a basic pull to build Firefox. There are several things to note: gerv cheats (relicensing). 😉 we didn’t pull /mail, so mscott and bienvenu are underestimated several people commit many patches for non-cvs people, so not all code is owned by the committer. removing whitespace counts as […]

TortoiseCVS rock!

I’m not really a CVS fan. Yea, it’s a cool thing, and yes, it’s necessary. But could they make more of an effort to make it cumbersome and awkward? cygwin’s CVS was acting funny, so today I downloaded and tried out TortoiseCVS. It’s for Windows only :-(. To sumarize it, it simply integrates CVS in […]