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Without Spyware there’s no such thing as free software

But some users of iMesh didn’t seem to be troubled by the actions of Marketscore. Users at iMesh forums chided those who complained, posting messages stating that “without spyware there’s no such thing as free software.”

[Source: @ 12/6/2004 9:55 AM EST]

SpreadFirefox anyone? This is a common mindset among average internet users. Something that needs to be debunked.


Formulate a campaign that SpreadFirefox can use, which would also raise awareness to the fact that Spyware is not required to make software free. Make users realize they don’t have to jeopardize their privacy to get something free. Make them realize privacy is important. And of course, Spread Firefox. Perhaps if someone comes up with a good one it can be the next campaign.

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At one of their ‘get the facts’ events someone brought up the question of what they thought about open source software on the windows platform. Their response was “all through the history of Windows there’s been a strong team of developers writing freeware or shareware applications for Windows with or without the source. Some release as shareware while others rely on built in advertising to cover their costs”

Microsoft are doing their best to cause confusion between users making them think that everything that is free has to have some sort of catch.

Also, adware != spyware. Sponsored software can be free without japeordizing the user’s privacy and security. It is okay for software to bundle adware if that adware gives the user option not to send privacy data to ad server (e.g. general ad instead of targeted ad). Opera is a good example of a free, ad sponsored software that is safe.

I don’t know if iMesh come w/ spyware or not. If it does, its developers deserve some beating for making such a lousy choice.

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