Thunderbird will soon sync with iPods


Coming Soon

Ability to sync your Thunderbird Address Book to your iPod.

Q. Why not yet

A. Still working on it

Q. Mac Only?

A. Mac/PC initially. I’ll explore Linux after.

Q. All iPods?

A. iPod with version 1.2+ of the iPod Software, or iPod Photo 1.0+ (Free Updates from Apple)

Q. Why is this Q&A so short

A. Because I’m tired.

Q. When will it be released?

A. Most likely I’ll have something for you all to play with in the very near future.

Update [12-26-2005]: It’s out, and available here.

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I’m glad to see this. I use Thunderbird as an alternative to the craptastic OS9 version of Outlook or OSX’s Entourage to handle all my mail, and it’d be great if my contacts could be kept consistent via my iPod. *grins and twitches with excitement* πŸ˜›

Getting Contacts To iPod From Thunderbird
There is something I would really love, easy program such as iPodSync for Outlook would be ideal for this task. Apparently someone has heard my silent wishes and is looking into this and I’m hoping this…

After lookin’ some minutes for a vcard extension for thunderbird i found this cool project, so i don’t have to write a solution by myself! thank ya very much…

p.s. can ya send me an email when finished? i would be glad to test for ya. if help is needed send an email, too!!!

greets, olly

I was disappointed when I couldn’t find the option to save contacts as or export to vcard from Thunderbird. I’m glad someone’s on top of this project. I’ve been toying with the idea to punch out some small java classes to transpose XML to vcard. Though, that seems somewhat backward and almost trivial. That, and I lack any experience with hacking at Mozilla code. I understand vcard is a standard, but XML certainly seems like the road to go. Should expect any less from Apple. I’m not surprised that they didn’t take the time to hermetically seal the contacts format and require something like iSync.

you have no idea how many people are checking regularly to see when you are going to be done.
keep up the good work.

well, i’ll be checking back to see if this goes anywhere. this will be really ideal… thanks.

Looks promising – can you add me to the email list when its up and running. As far as syncing sunbird you can currently do this by publishing the your calendar file (.ics) to a web site. then each sunbird just looks up the web file so all are always in sync.

You can publish your calendar (publicly or privately) for free at

Sunbird at this point won’t accept a blank calendar (it is on v0.2 so not complaining) – to get it started make a new calender event locally and then publish it your icalx folder. I needed to do this with each sunbird install. then you just set the option so that it reloads the calendar each time sunbird is started.

Works well so far


I got Sunbird to work with my Ipod, just saved the Calender file in my ipod (set it for diskuse and put it in calender), and it works great. (for those who use Sunbird calender, Thunderbird contacts list shouldn’t be TOO hard. You could always manually save each one and just dragg them in to Contacts folder) Well yeah. Thunderbird Yay.:mrgreen:

for just an extra step or two, you can already have all your contacts on your ipod (and pretty nicely formatted as well). export your thunderbird address book, as an ldif, to say your desktop. then open up the LDIF file (apple’s own address program is set as default). control-click on the book and convert to vCard. then just drag to contacts in ipod. a little circuitous, but the results are peachy.

Sunbird calendar can be used with iPods very easy.
All you have to do is a little batch-script that kopies the calendar file to the iPod’s calendar directory.
greets erpel

Please add my email to your list and notify me when I will be able to sync my iPod with Thunderbird.

Any updates on your status yet.

This would be incredibly useful. I just typed all my contacts into thunderbird thinking that I could put them into the ipod easily like the calendar files, but I was really disappointed found out I couldn’t transfer them easily. thanks for looking into this.

I have just got an ipod and it have been looking for a way to do this. What is the status of this? Is there a site with the instructions?

well, seems to take a bit longer, than expected. I can’t see any reason why export to vcard is not jet supported in thunderbird, since it is a quasi standard for contacts. Would also be nice to add contacts that are sent by outlook users.
though anway Thunderbird will be my favorite mail program .

The code is pretty much there for a 0.1 release. Computer problems have limited my w32 development time, hence delayed the release. I’m hoping to have it fixed, catch up, and get a release out soon. No date yet.

Why would you want to sync Thunderbird with an iPod? How about putting that effort to have it sync with PDA’s? That would be infinitely more usefule.

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