Word Press Still Rocking

Quick status update on the migration to WordPress:

I’m still tweaking, but the site is coming back. Lots of the rendering quirks should be gone at this time. XHTML validation should work for most pages.

Kitten’s Spaminator royally kicks butt. Very good spam protection.

Seems to be quite a few useful plugins. Mobile support seems to be functioning correctly. Those with a cell phone or pda capable of viewing non-wap mobile browsing (HTML), shouldn’t have an issue here πŸ˜€

Another great thing is dynamic pages. It would sound more efficient to create static pages, but apparently it isn’t: When a spammer is attacking the comment area, they tend to post in batches of 4 (or more). MovableType then regenerates the page, causing a significant spike is CPU and RAM consumption. WordPress only has to add an entry to the DB. Then it’s done. By using Kitten’s Spaminator, it prevents even that from happening without good reason.

Unless I get slashdotted, I think this is a much better solution. What would be best is if my host would install MMCache. MMCache would also benefit Smarty based applications.

But regardless… as good as MovableType was. WordPress seems to be better.

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In the next release of WP, 1.3, it will come with a plugin called Staticize. When activated, it’ll make cached copies of your pages, and serve them when requested. So you won’t nuke PHP/mysql if slashdotted, it’ll be on apache to serve it up. πŸ™‚

Yes, it does.

I don’t think WP 1.3 is right for everyone. I don’t see it working well in mass deployments (Movable Type’s templating system is a little safer when non-techies are toying). But WP seems right for me.

MovableType was a great product. But WP is better.

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