Flash tutorial for Firefox 1.1

I briefly flashed the idea on #spreadfirefox, but I thought I’d elaborate on it here:

First Impressions are everything

We’ve said that before, and most agree. Psychologists have spent considerable time on this. People make very quick decisions on if they like something or not. They either like it, or they don’t. Impressions happen quickly. Firefox needs to make a good one. I think we can improve it by creating a Flash, JavaScript, or SVG based tutorial on first run. Something flashy, yet professional, and artistically done. Clean simple UI. Perhaps a few options on the main page:

  • Firefox Features
  • What’s new in this release – 1.1
  • Why Firefox
  • IE –> Firefox Tips and Tricks
  • Help Firefox

Each would bring you to some information, such as why you should use Firefox (including an animated demo of how ‘Tabbed browsing works’, ‘Livemarks’, etc. Minimal Text, maximum efficiency. In 5 minutes, the user should be able to see why Firefox is better by example, not by reading. How to use features etc. Simple, quick, easy to follow. Sexy animations show how it works. People are hesitant to read text.

What’s new, would be a great way to show users what changed since the last version. Remember: Firefox got this far by word of mouth. Letting current users see how much better each version got, makes them more inclined to tell some friends about it. Show off the new improvements in a way users are inclined to see them.

Help Firefox would perhaps discuss ways to help Firefox (obvious right)., report broken websites, report bugs, donate, buy Mozilla gear, etc.

Such a feature would popup on the first load of a new profile. At that point they could disable it from showing again. Next release it comes back with new features. Only once by default, unless the user decides otherwise.

What we accomplish

  • Show users what to look for when deciding if Firefox is right for them.
  • Show users the new features if they are upgrading.
  • Show users how to adjust to Firefox if they are a habitual IE user.
  • Show users how they can help Firefox.

I think we can all agree we want that.

Casual users don’t like reading. They don’t have the patience. It needs to be displayed for them. Illustrated for them. That is what will get more people to use Firefox. Remember: downloads are great, but we ultimately need users. That’s the goal here.

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Seems to be great idea, but why for 1.1? We have two weeks for 1.0, isn’t there a chance to get it in this timeframe? It would have bigger impact since “1.0” is kind of symbolic and _many_ users will try this version.

Guys – i’ve had this idea for the last month, and was very surprised don’t have anything up like it.
I own quite a few large sites, and continuously promote Firefox as the best browser to use – but i really think the main reason people don’t want to download it ( the same reason i had, until my partner showed me it in person) – is they don’t UNDERSTAND there are other Internet Broswers out there.
They simply think there is only one program Micro$oft window$ can use – and that’s micro$oft IE.
If i could show them a simple FLASH DEMO of the browser, mentioning the features, the security, the options, the easy, the size to install, the customisability, EVERYTHING, in a simple “mouse is moving around, with a guy talking in the background” i would see an increase of 8-12% currently, to 20 – 35%, which is something big.

I probably will forget i’ve posted this message, so feel free to email me to chat about this. (also MSN – just don’t add me :), just “send msg to user” ).

hey – i spoke to soon. i found this website via google, search:
flash (tutorial OR demo) firefox features

you were result #1
result #2 was:

now on the right hand side is “Flash version of tutorial”
his voice is a bit annoying, and the flash tutorial is how to install, not so much the features, trying to pursuade a viewer to download & install the program.

But it’s still a good start. πŸ™‚

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