More on Firefox 0.9

I’ve been on the trunk for a while. A few days ago I went back to 0.8, just to see how life has improved since.

All I can say is get downloading if you haven’t already! Yes, it’s that good of a release.

The new download is only 4.7 MB in size. Thanks to 7-Zip. That’s welcome to all who hate large downloads. Oh, and BitTorrent is also available now.

Speed, extension/theme manager, as well as a profile migration tool make it the prime time to start a ‘switch’ campaign. As I said before. Lets make a goal of getting 1 person to switch. If everyone would do it, Mozilla would double it’s marketshare.

There’s also a new theme, as mentioned earlier, and has made shockwaves around the earth several times.

So come on people, get downloading. Spread the word. Get someone to switch. If you do, be sure to make a comment here. Lets see more people discover the internet doesn’t have to suck.

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