Bugzilla Beauty

Is it just me, or does RedHat’s Bugzilla Install put Mozilla’s to shame? The theme is real nice and easy on the eyes. Really, really like it.

Hopefully Mozilla’s next bugzilla upgrade will include some theming. Would be real nice.

It’s just great looking. Really really like it.

2 replies on “Bugzilla Beauty”

Personally, I like what we’ve got now. All the information is there, and to be honest it would detrimental to users. Why? The current way’s been around forever, and it would take some getting used to it before most current power users could function at equivalent efficiency.

Are there improvements that can be made to the current setup? Sure, but they’d better be incremental or you’ll have a lot of triagers, developers, and other people quite discombobulated.

OT: The comments preview page has no padding around the body, so the comment preview is directly next to the page boundaries. It’s not particularly easy to read, especially for letters with a vertical line on the left (P,F,L,M,etc.).

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