Some Feed Readers don’t seem to like relative URI’s in blog posts (if you don’t understand that, read here). I’ve attempted to remedy this with a tiny WordPress plug in. It simply makes most relative URI’s in feeds (not posts) absolute links rather than relative.

Known Issues

  • Does not touch links that start with ./ or ../. I may address this in the future.


This is released under GPL, just like WordPress itself.

Source Code

The source code can be accessed through the following ways:


1.1.1 – June 10, 2007

Support Me

If you like my work on this blog and the software work I do, you can thank me by referring to this page. It’s always nice to see how much my work is appreciated.

Change Log

1.1.1 – June 10, 2007

  • Fix bug when blog is not in root directory (thanks for reporting this Eric Cheng).

1.1 – May 12, 2007

  • Correctly use home, rather than the site url.
  • Fix minor spacing problem.

1.0 – December 26, 2005

  • Initial Release