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More Amelia Earhart Circumstantial Evidence

TIGHAR researchers found 5 pieces of glass they believe were from anti-freckle cream likely used by Amelia Earhart. Looking at the picture, it does seem quite possible if not likely this is actually a match. The odds of another person would bring that glass to the island is pretty small. There’s some circumstantial evidence Earhart crashed on the island of Nikumaroro, but hardly enough to conclusively confirm it.

TIGHAR is trying to visit the island again and use SONAR to map the waters off the island where there’s some suspicion her plane may have crash landed. Specifically there’s a blurry photo and a claim by a former resident that there was previously aircraft wreckage in that same location after she went missing.

There’s a reasonable chance this is where she ended up and the remains found and subsequently lost were from the crash. If they will ever find enough evidence to be convincing or not is anyone’s guess.