Symantec Live Update Fun

Had Norton SystemWorks 2002 for a while, then upgraded AntiVirus to 2004. Worked fine for quite some time. Recently I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled this duo. Now I’m getting an error that I Subscription Client Update failed LU1812. I’ve got no clue why this is happening. Following Symantec’s instructions to completely uninstall and reinstall didn’t work, nor did updating Live Update or any other step they gave.

Live Update Error

Curious if anyone else out there ran across this, and if anyone resolved this problem.


Thank you Norton, for wasting an hour of my life

I gave you the best hour of my life!

Ok, it wasn’t that bad.

Symantec, apparently deployed a new version of Live Update today, and it apparently wasn’t well tested. After days of serious virus catches, it updated, and live updated, doesn’t function. I uninstall, reinstall, uninstall again, clear registry out a bit, search for files, look in Knowledge Base, reinstall. I got it working (think they disabled that update for now).

What a mess.

So for any Symantec engineer reading this. THANK YOU. That was fun 🙁

Try beta testing next time.