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Desk Porn

When you spend a lot of time at a desk, you begin to admire and respect others workspace. I’ve long enjoyed the endless threads of “your setup” to see what others do, and what they put up with. The cool guys at Ars have a nice article on their own setups. My favorite desk is Lee Aylward’s because I love the giant roomy desk and corner setups in general. My desks generally look more like Peter Bright’s with several displays/computers surrounding. I’m up to 4 screens at work, and can go from 1-3 at home (if laptops are open or not).

I’m convinced a good desk is deeper than average and extremely sturdy. I’m not sure why there’s such a prevalence in shallow desks that barely hold themselves up. Pre-computers it was fine, but with computers, even a laptop needs some space behind. I understand the market for slim desks (small apartments for example), but not why they are virtually standard in the US. I know people who have searched endlessly for the perfect desk.

Next time around, I’m going for a deeper desk with enough of a lip on the back that I can put some monitor arms on it.