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Real ID

Well obviously this stuff has been in the news a lot in the past 48 hrs. It’s interesting that it appears nobody in the senate even read this thing or they would have noticed some mistakes. According to the bill everyone must have one with their real home address on it. No PO Box, no business address, no aliases. The real deal, no exceptions. Who should have gotten an exception?

  • Police – especially undercover, and NARC’s whose lives are in danger as people are always trying to kill them.
  • Judges – we know very well that there are people willing to do harm to judges that don’t rule in their favor.
  • Prosecutors – also very hated by many people who would love for a card that has their home address
  • Elected Officials – who doesn’t hate them?

It should be noted that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act has several notable (and unethical) exceptions: Religious corporations, Bona fide tax exempt private clubs, Indian tribes, Elected state & local officials, their assistants, and immediate adviser’s, Jobs requiring national security clearance. That’s right. in 1964 the compromise was that while corporations could no longer discriminate in hiring, elected officials had the right to do so. They exempt themselves from the then controversial law so they could continue discrimination.

This time, nobody even an undercover cop or a judge has a legal means of not carrying an ID with their home address on it. Can you imagine the consequences now of a judge who accidentally looses their wallet or gets robbed?

Talk about inverted history. The Civil Rights Act should have no loopholes, meanwhile and this new Real ID bill should have exceptions for law enforcement so they can keep their families safe.

That about proves it. Nobody read the bill cover to cover. If they did: they would have at a minimum exempted judges, cops and some Homeland Security employees.

Oh yea, they are considering using RFID or equivalent technology for it. That means nobody needs to physically steal the card. Within a year or two of it coming out someone will hack around whatever encryption is on there. You don’t physically need the card, just get close enough to get the data off of it.

If I were a Judge putting the bad guy away, I’d be concerned about my own safety. That’s not a good thing.

I propose a minimum 10 year federal jail sentence for each time a lawmaker votes on (for or against) a bill they didn’t personally read cover to cover. Stuff like this episode a few months ago should result in a real jail for anyone who voted without reading (all of them, since nobody caught it). They are paid by tax dollars and entrusted to read and vote on laws. If they aren’t reading, they aren’t really voting. They are paid for nothing. That’s fraudulent.