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January Sunrise

Sunrise from the parking lot

Mount Trashmore

Due to the snow last week, trash has been piling up in NYC. This pile is almost the height of the van parked next to it. Notice the height of the average person walking by it. It smells as great as it looks.

Time Warner Center @ Columbus Circle One Evening

Time Warner Center @ Columbus Circle one evening.

In Search Of Fireproof/Waterproof Backup

Every year or two, I like to audit how I backup and store my data. I’ve got a pretty good routine of backing up my hard drive for my primary and secondary computers. It’s part of my weekly routine. I also remotely backup some files just in case of a site compromising situation (fire, flood, […]

Somewhere over Ireland 11/28/2010

My first attempt at some basic color correction of an iPhone 4 photo. This would be much easier if it were RAW and not a JPEG to start with.

2010 By The Numbers

And 2010’s numbers… Commute: (6.85 mi [drive] + 47.4 mi [train] + 1.29 mi [subway]) x 2 = 111.08 mi daily x 255 days —————– 28,325.4 mi Flying: 3,656 mi x 2 = 7,312 mi 1,540 mi x 2 = 3,080 mi = 10,392.0 mi Walk (via pedometer minus treadmill (246 mi)) 1,145 mi – […]