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Project 365 Week 4

Between being brutally cold and snow, this looks like a repeat of last week. I did however attempt a panorama after noticing how closely aligned two photos I took accidentally were. Next time I’ll try and do so intentionally. I’m trying to avoid using B&W as a crutch for avoiding color correction.

Project 365 Week 3

Some interesting experiments this week including some motion (which I’ve been shying away from), and bad weather seems to be an ongoing theme. Monday included a screenshot, since I technically consider that a photo 😉 .

Project 365 Week 2

Here we are at week two of Project 365. I’m starting to get into a routine with this process now. Click through a photo for a more detailed description. You can also keep up on Flickr. I’ll be doing weekly dumps to this blog for posterity, but will update Flickr pretty much nightly.

On Chrome Dropping H.264

The Chrome team announced they are dropping support for H.264. WebM Support WebM support will be growing quickly as Firefox 4 rolls out (Firefox upgrade adoption is legendary). Chrome commands sizable market share and is pushing the Chrome OS platform. Opera is also supporting WebM. Apple and Microsoft could join the party and bundle WebM […]

Project 365

For the past week I’ve been participating in Project 365 with Frédéric Wenzel (who was the first I saw to blog the idea) and Mike Morgan among others. Unlike many who are doing it purely for the love of photography for me it seemed like an interesting way to force myself to either look for […]

Christmas Tree

Quick shot of the tree before being taken down. The lighting made it look pretty terrible originally, but I was curious what I could salvage with a little post-processing. I made some adjustments and ended up just getting rid of the color which I felt just wasn’t going to work. The end result is a […]

Five O’Clock World

NJ Transit’s newer Bombardier MultiLevel Vehicle (MLV) in NY Penn Station. I’m actually quite pleased how this came out after some post-processing to fix what the poor lighting did to the photo. Five O’Clock World is a reference to the song by The Vogues, and perhaps remembered by fans of The Drew Carey Show who […]

Back Of John Jay College

Haaren Hall, the former De Witt Clinton High School designed by C. B. J. Snyder is actually a pretty interesting building since it days from before glass curtains were a popular architectural design. I’ll likely take a few more shots of some of it’s details during the day at some point during this project. To […]

PHP 5.3.4 Changes rand(), Filled My Error Log, Spikes Load

I ran into a peculiar situation with a PHP web application that went from working for several years without incident to suddenly resulting in timeouts and spiking the load on my server. Some investigation traced it back to a seemingly benign and obscure change to PHP’s rand() implementation between 5.3.3 and 5.3.4. To summarize several […]

Time Warner Center Looking Up

Time Warner Center from the 58th Street side looking up one of the towers. You can see the Hearst Tower in the reflection.