Acid2 Featured On Wikipedia

Acid2 featured on wikipedia

I just noticed that the Acid2 test is today’s featured article on Wikipedia. It is a well done article that even shows a timeline of when browsers became compliant and screenshots of various browsers status. The Acid3 article is also rather good.

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The mention of the Acid3 article reminded me that while FF 3.0 was finalized it was said that Acid3 would be supported by the next version of Firefox. This promise was apparently forgotten after the FF 3.0 release as even mozilla-trunk still doesn’t reach 100 more than a year later (mozilla-1.9.1 only reaches 93 here). Pity!

Peter, passing Acid 3 was never promised in the next version of Firefox. It was always said that the release after the next would pass Acid 3. SMIL and compositor were planned for 4.0 (i’m just using a number for about 3.5) and those are what are still needed to pass. SMIL has landed on the trunk but is not on by default and compositor is still in the works.

For the record, Acid2 was released at a pretty awkward time, toward the second half of a release cycle as I recall. That means it took more than one full release cycle to account for Acid2. I should note work began well before Acid2 was even released with David Baron’s reflow branch which ultimately made a nice stride towards passing Acid2.

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