Google Bouncing Checks?

On Friday I saw one of the more memorable Seinfeld Episodes “The Little Jerry“. The episode is most memorable for Kramer wanting a chicken and ending up with a rooster he names [Little] Jerry. It’s also known as the episode in which George dates a woman in prison, considering it the ideal girlfriend. Slightly less memorable is that in the beginning of the episode Jerry found out his check bounced and is hanging at Marcelino’s bodega. Little Jerry was to be in a cockfight with a victory resulting in the check being taken down.

Ironically I deposited my last Google check Saturday. Today I ironically saw that Google checks are bouncing. I’m curious if I’m going to hear from the bank in a day or two regarding that check. Sounds like accounts payable had a little goof up. I’m not sure how large this problem is, but I’m pretty sure it will be corrected ASAP.

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