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An interesting review of Norton 360 was posted by CNet. Overall the review was very positive, they seem to like it. Interesting to me was:

We also found that Norton 360 is optimized for Internet Explorer only, and not Firefox and Opera browsers. It could be said that Symantec realizes that Internet Explorer users need more protection, but it would be nice to use the antiphishing feature in Norton 360 on Firefox or Opera. Of the three super suites, only McAfee supports Firefox; none support Opera.

I’d be curious to know if support is planned through an extension or not. They could potentially leverage existing infrastructure to do the job quite nicely. I’m not sure if anyone has used this functionality to date. As far as I’m aware nobody has. Not even PhishTank.

I’m still not sure if Norton 360 is really a product I’d be interested in. I use Norton AV, and despite a few small things, it’s a pretty solid product. I’m not really sure I see the added stuff in 360 as something beneficial. But I still have a little while on my subscription for the year, so I don’t have to decide just yet.

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I fell for this! Anti spam is not incorporated in MS, there is no access to programs and we can’t block traffic. Need i say more.

Blocking all traffic can be done in 360. You need to create a new general firewall rule to block incoming/outgoing on all connections to/from all computers. Not exactly straightforward. Personally I liked the convenience of doing this by right clicking on the taskbar icon available in previous versions of Norton.

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